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Dec. 8, 2017

Giving thanks to the ones who deserves it feels like that someone who actually cares about that person. I feels good inside that someone who cares enough to you give thanks to you. It gives us the power to carry on with the day and even the week. Nobody should not feel that they dont belong here on this world. We should give thanks to ones who we depend on to help each other out once in a while. Plus you should hi to them and start an conversation to a stranger. That means that you care for them and wants good for them. Being nice that way gives us the feeling of success and comfort inside that you did a good thing in your day. So when you find the next person you see, say hi and thanks for being there for me. You dont understand being there for someone really means you are a friend to the them. You need a friend who is right there to catch you when you fall down. 

Oct. 7, 2017

This is a review of this High Fashion store in Highland Park Village. This store is all about the rich enviroment of Italy.They want this store to experience the lifestyle of itay.  Each of the employees work here has a colorful and different backgrounds and how they end up working at this store.  This store respcect the enviroment and all of the clothes is all homemade. This location in Highland Park village as been open for 4 years. I had a chance to talk to the manger of this store at Highland Park Village location and she told me her favorite piece of clothing at the store she said her favorite was " A mink Motorcylce jacket". She also said why she liked that mink motorcycle jacket because "She loved the style,the color,and the fur".The manger's name is Jaime. This picture next to this review is a man that works there beside the manger. His name is "Gianluca" Its french. I also got a chance to talk with him. He told me his favorite clothing at the store is a "leather motorcyle jacket". It has been 40 years since the company has been opened. I Love this store. Be the person to come on in to look around and to talk with the people who works here. 

Thanks for Reading This. 

Annemarie Carrigan 

May. 19, 2017

"God is not your average person he is this wonderful man.
Open your eyes to see how Incredible he is!

A follower
Heavenly father
make sins go away
knows everything
A believer
The Christ

God Himself