About me

Hi this is Annemarie Carrigan I am the creator and owner of this blog. I have Down Syndrome but I dont let that describe who I am. I am a person with different interests in. Here are a few things I like. I like Coffee and a huge fan of reading old classic novels. My favorite authors is Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy. I love wrtiting in my blog and journaling my thoughts. I have two successful blogs. Emilyacarrigan.simplesite.com and Annerocktheworld.wordpress.com 

I live In Dallas TX with my two parents. I have one dog named Maggie. I had another one named Spencer but he died. 

I have two jobs that I love dearly. I work at a ice cream Shop on lovers lane named "Howdy Homemade" and I am interning with a local film Producer that my dad knows. 

I am also in a movie that I am interning with the producer of the movie. The name of the Movie is "Normie". The tag line of the movie is the Illusion of what is normal and the beauty of love.

And that covers everything you guys should know about me. 

thanks for reading

Annemarie Carrigan

Owner/creator of Emilyacarrigan.simplesite.com and AnnerocktheWorld.wordpress.com

editor letter to fans

Hello, My name is Annemarie and I am the editor/owner of this blog. This blog is all about the propective of a Down Syndrome Girl. I thought you guys should know that Down Snydrome is not that bad. We only just made different from you guys. God makes us in his own vision and he created us to be apart of this world. We are not all the same but that is a good thing. I am going to share the experiences I will be going through the years of being Down Syndrome and to reasure  the young adults are wanting to have a baby that have Down Syndrome. We don't bit,we are friendly and wanting to be invovled like all of you guys that prehaps not have Down Syndrome. 


Thanks for reading 

Annemarie Carrigan