Apr. 30, 2017

Hello there Today's topic is what is god all about. I was wondering why god is so important to people. Well I have learned over the past months that god works in many ways. We do not know what the future might held for us only god knows that. I am going through something that I didn't know I have. The only person can help me is god. I have been going to a bible study while I was in college with a couple of girls that I know. Over the past 5 weeks I have learned more about god. I just finish the bible study and now I want to learn more about god and how he works. This sound interesting for me. I bet you keep saying "what does this do with down syndrome"? Well,Down Syndrome people also want to  learn about god. We are different from each other. You have to let god make your child feel safe around you and the other people around them. 

Dec. 5, 2016

Hello there I am back and I cant believe that i am turning 20 and its been hard and confusing but you can be smarter and older.  Its been almost 20 years is making for me to be alive. All I want to say is I am blessed that I am here because you never know if other poeple around you from all over  this crazy world could not have what I have right now in my life. Life is so confusing and very bumping but remember when you turn into an older verson of you and you become much more informed about life and smarter each time you turn into another verson of yourself. 

Oct. 13, 2016

This is my mom and I in New York 3 years ago. I thought it would be cool that doing a mothers post. My mom taught me everything that I know and I love her so much. She is my rock and my role model.

Aug. 21, 2016

I love love why is that I am getting published in my church magazine.

Aug. 10, 2016

Hey there I am in Colorado for a family trip before I go off to my second year of college. And I thought you guys should know when I am heading off to college. All I want to say to you guys is to you never know what life brings you. I cant wait to start over and I am about to turn 20 years old. I am moving in sunday  and i get to see all of my friends and make new ones. My dad always told me to let it unfold and be who you are . I am doing that right now in my life. I am letting god push me intil a break,Figurly of course . Sometimes life can make you who you are. Life is like tug a war. You never know what side will win. With me I tug and god is pushing all of his strength to win the war of tug a war the game. You just ley god win and he will make sure you are doing what god wants you to do. I am listining to god and he is telling me to go to college and make myself shine all over the campus with my confidenice and your lovely brains.