what is normal?

What is normal? raise your hand if you feel like people generally think and act around people that  are feeling like they are normal. Now raise your hand if you have told that you are normal. What does that make you feel? I feel that I am not normal and people around me thinks that normal is real. I think different personalities and different beliefs is not normal. We are a gift by god and people saying that normal is real but in gods eyes he thinks and knows that normal is a myth that people are talking about. It does not matter if the Hollywood people are making you believe that normal is real but really it's not. So don't go on social media and the internet to follow what the celebrities are saying don't trust them just believe in yourself. God and people will see how much special you are. Be proud of yourself. 

Howdy homemade ice cream

Come on in to get a tasty traat of our best seller Dr Pepper chocolate chip. The owner of howdy homemade is a friendly outgoing and a honest man. He took his dream and made it into a reality. He employed people who have special needs . He haves a passion to people who have special needs and make them feel special in and out. 

this is me and I am confident in myself

Photo set on a bus to Panama City in Florida.

What does college do to you???

hey there what does college do to you in your future? I say college can make y self assured and make your indep. College and also can be on your resume for your future job and career choice. The only thing college could not have be the one for you but college is not for anyone. For me college is my dream and this can help me become more opportunities for a good job with a decent amount of money flow. 

Terrorist attavk in VICE France

Terrorist attack in VICE france 
Hey the there was a terrorist attack in Vince France and I don’t like when people do that. There was a trucks full of bombs and explosive bombs . It was just a normal holiday weekday and then people were running and yelling . Trying to miss the bomb but 77 people were dead . I think we should not be terrorist attack in any country because of its bad news and killing people. Let’s stop this terrorist attacks.

A new photo 4 you guys

Love yourself

Love Yourself No matter what  other people say about you 

Go outside of your comfront zone and Be who you are. 

There Is nothing  wrong with you

God made  you so beleve in  him

I know what I need to do with my life

Hey there I know what I want to do with my life. I am going to new york and attened New York university after the Thrive program.  I really want my parents to understand I want to follow my dreams. Without or with there support I am going to new york. I have been dreaming and thinking of the realistic life. Dream here I come. I have gone back and forth about this but I know I wanted this from the start. I will get a part time job and I will live either a small apartment or in the droms again. I really want to experience the college asspect of life. Mom and Dad I really want this. Please support me through this. I love you Mom and Dad. I have think this through. I will take the subway to and from work to school. And I know during the summer I want to take the SAT text . I have done everything for my family I want to do my own thing and to experience the world. I will come home for a short visit but I belong In new york for right now in my life. This is happening parents. And I am not taking a no for an answer. I need to live my life. I will always remember my memories in dallas but I need this for me to show off my brains and my smartness. Dont worry mom and dad I will protect myself from the danger and even the harsh wether up there. I believe in myself and I believe In god. He knows I need to be In new york where I belong. I  Will keep my blog updated through these years. I will always remember the days I was raise In dallas Texas. 

Thanks for everything

Annemarie Carrigan  HeartHeartHeart

A clean slate

Hey there I am doing a blog post about a clean slate for the spring. With a new start on things like a new prosective of life. Have you guys hear the term spring fever? I do I have that right now. I cant wait for spring break to come with the trees changing and the warm spring air hitting our face. And the flowers are beautiful in this time of the year. I just did a spring cleaning of my room. Now I am thinking positve and start on fouscing on my studying. So what i am saying change is a good thing to experience. I am going to post a picture of my hair. I hope you like it. 

The new phase of my life

hey there guys I am back and I am starting a new phase of my life. Now on I am being myself and say never say never to anything. People have phases of our life's and taking the high road. My phase of my new and improved life. I will always love my life No matter what I do. Phases is gods point of view for us. 

Thanks to God we have amazing lifes. We love you god no matter what we do. 

I love my life and I love people who wants to help this amazing world. 

Love Annemarie 

Thumbs upTo God 

Different stages of life development

hey do you ever wonder why we go through different stages in our life's. There are all kinds of stages during our life periods like teen boys crushes and our favorite bands. And hanging up posters of hot boys  shirtless in our rooms. For the girls stealing make up from ur mom. Like this are stages we all go through and much more. Different stages of our life is so common for us. People from all over this world do this. 

Thanks 4 reading this. 

just enjoy life and remember always love God . God knows everything. Be who you are and god loves you for that. 

Kind regards

emily a carrigan

I am Down syndrome my name Is Annemarie Carrigan

My happy life that I love.